Who Is Moira Deeming? A Look Into The Politician’s Journey!

moira deeming

Moira Deeming is a politician from Australia. She formerly belonged to the Liberal Party and has served in the Victorian Legislative Council since November 2022, representing the Western Metropolitan Region. She previously served as a councilor for the Watts Ward of Melton City Council.

After speaking at an anti-transgender rally in front of the Victorian Parliament, she was ejected from the parliamentary Liberal Party, John Pesutto, the leader of the opposition, said in March 2023. Neo-Nazi groups participated in the march and frequently displayed Nazi salutes on the steps of Parliament.

Early Life and Education

Deeming holds a post-graduate diploma in education from the University of Melbourne and a bachelor’s degree in international relations from La Trobe University.

Before leaving to homeschool her children, she worked as a teacher for more than ten years.

Personal Life

Although attending the Catholic high school St. Francis Xavier College, Deeming is a Presbyterian.

Political Career

Victorian State Election in 2014

At the 2014 Victorian state election, Deeming ran as a Liberal Party candidate for the St. Albans seat in the lower house. Natalie Suleyman of the Labor Party won the election with 26.9% of the vote to hers.

Victorian State Election in 2018

Deeming ran for the Liberal Party in the 2018 state election for the Western Metropolitan Region upper house seat in the Victorian Legislative Council. She failed to win a seat after receiving 356 first-preference votes (0.08%).

Election for Melton City Council in 2020

For the 2020 Melton City Council election, Deeming ran for the Watts Ward. On October 24, she received 21.49% of the primary vote and won the second allocation.

moira deeming

Federal Election of 2022

The executive committee of the Victorian Liberal Party chose Deeming to compete for the Gorton lower house seat on March 26, according to an article in The Age published after the Australian federal election of 2022. Prior to her receiving an endorsement, a senior party official expressed Scott Morrison’s Office’s concern that “bad media coverage of Deeming’s strong social beliefs could distract” from Morrison’s campaign. According to reports, a different candidate was chosen after a second vote.

Victorian State Election in 2022

On July 23, Deeming received the Liberal Party’s support to run for Bernie Finn’s old seat in the Victorian Legislative Council’s Western Metropolitan Region’s upper chamber.

Because she took the place of the equally right-wing Bernie Finn at the head of the Liberal ticket after Finn was expelled from the party for making “inflammatory social media remarks,” Deeming’s preselection was viewed as problematic. According to reports, Finn, who ran for office as a member of the Democratic Labour Party, was “delighted” to learn of Deeming’s preselection. She was preselected, which Andrew Elsbury, a moderate Liberal Party member who held the seat from 2010 to 2014, said was the “final straw” that caused him to leave the party. The election of Deeming to the Legislative Council was successful.

Deeming denounced “left-wing school curricula” and the “decriminalization of sex work” in her first speech to the legislature.

Moira Deeming Husband

There are no details mentioned about Moira’s Husband.

Moira Deeming Children

She has 4 Kids. She quit teaching to homeschool her children.



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