Fact Check Policy

Fact-checking is important because Shenewz.com values accurate and genuine news. We are aware that factual mistakes can erode the confidence our audience has in our brand and our content. In order to ensure that the information displayed on our website is truthful and accurate, we take great care to do so.
Requirements for fact-checking To assess the accuracy of our content, we use a strict process.

Our fact-checking staff validates information using reliable sources, such as firsthand accounts, academic studies, and professional judgment. To decide if the information is reliable and appropriate for publication, we use the following criteria:

  1. A reliable source must be used for the information.
  2. Evidence must back up the information.
  3. Verifiable information is required.
  4. The facts must be current and noteworthy

Corrections Policy: Should a factual inaccuracy be discovered, we will work promptly to fix the issue. When an error is found, the appropriate article will be updated or corrected. Also, we’ll work to make sure that our viewers can readily find any corrections that have been made.

Accountability and Transparency
: We are dedicated to being accountable and transparent in the fact-checking process. Any conflicts of interest or any biases that might affect our reporting will be disclosed. We will also address any criticism or queries regarding the veracity of our information.

Disclaimer: Despite our best efforts, we are unable to guarantee that all of the information on this website is always true. We shall therefore post a disclaimer on our website saying that the material we give is only for informational reasons and is not meant to be a replacement for expert guidance.

Shenewz.com want to keep our audience’s confidence and loyalty by providing accurate and trustworthy information. To that end, we have implemented this fact-checking policy.