Who is Sita? Best Lessons to Learn from From Sita!

who is sita

Ramayana, a Hindu epic, features Sita as its main female character. Sita is also known as Janaki and Vaidehi. She is viewed as a variation of the goddess Lakshmi since she is the consort of the god Vishnu, who takes the appearance of Rama.

Furthermore, she is the main deity in Hindu traditions that emphasize Rama. Sita is admired for her commitment, sacrifice, bravery, and purity. She is one of Nepal’s seventeen “National Heroes” (Rashtriya bibhuti).

Best Lessons to Learn From Sita

1. Being a Strong Woman

Sita faced difficulties at every single stage of her life. But she came every time much stronger than before. Sita single-handedly hold the Shiv Dhanush which was not even handled by the great warriors.

2. Purest Form of Love

Sita was a princess who was born and brought up in a lavish lifestyle. But once she fell in love with Shri Ram, she accepted to live in exile with him, leaving the palaces.

Ravana(who was one of the greatest warriors) offered her to be the Queen Of Lanka but she rejected and waited for Shri Ram.

When she came to know that, Shri Ram has decided to leave the throne to protect her dignity in Ayodhya, she herself went into exile to protect her husband’s position, even though she was pregnant at that time.

3. A Strong Mother

Sita raised Luv Kush in exile and made them one of the greatest warriors with the support of Rishi Valmiki.

4. Self Respect

When people offered Sita again to be the Queen Of Ayodhya on the condition to give Agni Pariksha, she accepted to bury herself on earth and didn’t accept the throne.


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