Mary Caldwell: The Heart and Soul of Bobby Caldwell’s Music!

mary caldwell

Caldwell was born to American missionaries in Bogota, Colombia. She graduated from Western College for Women in 1913 and worked as a teacher there until 1918. In 1919 and 1921, she graduated with her M.A. and Ph.D. from Columbia University. She was permanently wheelchair dependent due to a developing muscular condition.

She was one of five siblings who all prioritized higher education in their family. She then became Columbia University’s first female chemistry lecturer. She stopped teaching in 1951 and started researching enzymes, particularly amylase.

Mary Caldwell: Who Is She?

Mary Caldwell is Bobby Cadwell’s wife. In 2004, the couple became legally married. She is the Vice President of Bobby Caldwell Entertainment LTD, according to her LinkedIn page.

Mary was born and raised in Great Meadows, New Jersey. She graduated from Seton Hall University near Manhattan with an MBA and a Marketing course under her belt. Mary continued to work as a lecturer in her own institution after finishing her study. Mary Cadwell worked with AT&T Global Services as a business manager for 22 years starting in 1983.

mary caldwell

 At the time of his death, the couple and their children were living on a horse farm in New Jersey. According to a message posted on Caldwell’s official Twitter account on March 15, 2023, Bobby passed away here at home.

“Bobby died at home, here. As he left us, I tightly hugged him in my arms. I will always be heartbroken. We appreciate your continued prayers over the years. For the past six years and two months, being “FLOXED” had taken a toll on his health. God is your rest, my love. -Mary Caldwell,” the declaration said.

The singer/songwriter “hadn’t been able to walk for about 5 years as he dealt with excruciating episodes of neuropathy and a damaged tendon in his ankle,” according to TMZ. Cadwell’s musical preferences as a child are claimed to have been inspired by those of Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. His 30-year musical career reportedly contributed to an $8 million net worth.

Mary Caldwell Career

Between 1948 and 1949, Caldwell served as the first Chemistry professor at Columbia University following his graduation from graduate studies there. She rose to the position of assistant professor at Columbia, becoming the only female member of the department’s senior faculty and the first woman to do so.

In 1948, she was promoted to full professor. By 1960, Caldwell, who had a growing physical impairment, was confined to a wheelchair. Despite this, her office in Chandler Hall, her research facility, on the 9th level, remained unchanged.

She was given the American Chemical Society’s Garvan Medal in 1960, which is given every year to a female chemist in the US. As a chemist, Caldwell conducted studies on an enzyme class known as amylase. Because she was dissatisfied with the commercial substance, she spent a lot of time trying to purify enzymes. She looked for a purer form of amylase and succeeded in creating a technique to separate crystalline pancreatic enzymes.

At the age of 71, Bobby Caldwell, a songwriter with a four-decade career and the man of the now-iconic song “What You Won’t Do For Love,” passed suddenly. The artist’s wife Mary Caldwell and their kids are the only ones left.
His 30-year musical career reportedly contributed to an $8 million net worth. The songwriter Bobby Caldwell, who had a four-decade career and is best known for the now-classic song “What You Won’t Do For Love,” has died at the age of 71.
Caldwell’s health issues began around 12 years ago following a bad antibiotic reaction that left him with significant neuropathy and ruptured Achilles tendons on both sides of his body. After numerous treatments, he had health problems right up until the moment of his death. The artist’s wife Mary Caldwell and their kids are now left behind.



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