Geetansha Sood : Biography, Early Life, Career and Many More Updates!

who is geetansha sood

Indian-born Geetansha Sood is a gifted juvenile author and blogger. She has made a reputation for herself in the literature world thanks to her love of writing. Geetansha has a reputation for being able to express herself in a special and imaginative manner that captivates her readers.

Geetansha Sood Early Life and Education

Geetansha Sood was born in Delhi, India, on October 10, 1998. She grew up in a family that encouraged creativity and expression, and she developed an interest in writing at a young age. She completed her schooling at Delhi Public School and later pursued a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of Delhi.

Geetansha Sood’s Net Worth

It is quite difficult to determine Geetansha’s net worth because, as we already indicated, we are currently unaware of her profession or the direction of her professional career. But we do know that her husband is a billionaire.

who is geetansha sood

Ritesh Agarwal, a 29-year-old billionaire, is estimated to be worth $1.1 billion (Rs7253 crore).As of February 2020, Ritesh Agarwal was the youngest self-made billionaire in the world, and he is also listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 list for Asia.

Name Geetansha Sood
Age 20s
Nationality Indian
Profession Entrepreneur
Husband Ritesh Agarwal

Geetansha Sood Career

While still in college, Geetansha started her writing career by contributing to different blogs and online magazines. Her articles gained popularity, and she quickly became a regular contributor to several notable websites. She also began her own blog, where she wrote about a range of subjects like travel, personal experiences, and way of life.

Geetansha’s debut book, “Bloom,” a compilation of poems that examines themes of love, loss, and self-discovery, was released in 2020. Both readers and reviewers enjoyed the book, which solidified Geetansha’s status as a rising star in the literary world.

In addition to writing, Geetansha is a skilled public speaker who has given speeches at a number of gatherings and seminars. She also has a sizable following on Instagram, where she is a social media personality.

Geetansha Sood’s Personal Life

who is geetansha sood

Being a private person, Geetansha Sood chooses to keep her private affairs private. She has acknowledged that she finds inspiration in both her events and those around her and that her writing frequently reflects these. Geetansha was born to Indian parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sood, and grew up in an Indian family.

Geetansha and OYO Rooms’ founder, and CEO Ritesh Agarwal, married on Tuesday, 7 March 2023. Their wedding was followed by a grand reception at a 5-star hotel in Delhi.

Narendra Modi (India’s Prime Minister), Mukesh Ambani (Reliance Industries chairman), and other VIPs were anticipated to attend the reception.

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Geetansha Sood Conclusion

Geetansha Sood is a youthful, gifted author who has already established herself in the literary community. Readers have been captivated by her ability to express herself in a creative and original manner, and she never ceases to motivate others with her writing.

Geetansha is confident that she will experience even greater success in the years to come because of her love for writing and dedication to personal development.



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