Saheli Chatterjee: Biography, Net Worth and Many More Updates 2023!

saheli chatterjee net worth

Entrepreneur and self-proclaimed “Social Media Geek” Saheli Chatterjee earned 75Lakhs in one year thanks to her expertise in freelancing as a marketer. She is also well-known on the video-sharing platform YouTube, where she operates the popular “Helly” and “Saheli Chatterjee” channels.

Saheli Chatterjee Biography

On June 1st, 1999, she entered the world in Kolkata, West Bengal. In 2020, she graduated from Bethune College in Kolkata, West Bengal with a BA in English Literature (British and Commonwealth). At 17, she went out on her own as a freelancer and hasn’t looked back since. She has been assisting clients with their content and marketing strategy since she landed her first freelance employment (content writing) at the age of 17.

Real Name Saheli Chatterjee
Nick Name Helly
Date of Birth 1st June 1999
Age 22 years (as of December 2022)
Birth Place Kolkata, West Bengal
Nationality Indian
Religion Hindu
Education BA in English Literature
College Bethune College
Profession Freelancer, YouTuber & Social Media Expert
Salary/Income Rs 4 Lakhs+ per month

Now, after working in the field for three years or more, she advises business owners on how to leverage social media to increase their brand’s visibility, engage with customers, and boost sales. Books, productivity, and other topics relevant to student life are frequent topics of discussion on one of her channels (called “Helly”). On the other channel, she discusses topics like social media marketing, freelancing advice, and online moneymaking. With her expertise as a Social Media Marketing Professional, she has assisted numerous business owners, coaches, and consultants in establishing a strong online identity through the medium of Social Media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & More).

She began working as a freelance Content Writer when she was 17 and earned just 0.12 per word. Without proper direction, it was tough for her to charge what she was worth, even though she always knew her services were undervalued. Since then, she has dabbled as a freelancer in several fields before settling on marketing, where she has since begun to earn several tens of thousands of rupees per month.

She began mentoring aspiring freelancers when she was just 20 years old. This is what his friends and family told me when I first started working for myself.
Now she often contemplates the consequences of giving in to their doubts about her abilities. The joke’s on them, I guess. You, too, have the potential to earn 75 Lakh as a freelancer through the use of only Social Media.

Physical Appearance

She is Young, wonderful, and hot. She has a slim figure. She is tremendously famous among the youth. She resembles a doll. She is roughly 5′ 4″ inches tall and weighs around 52 kg. She has a Slim Build. She has bruised eyes and dark hair. She has excellent big eyes which look exceptionally engaging and long velvety hair. She has an exceptionally appealing character.

Being an Indian by heart, she appreciates wearing her conventional outfits and exhibiting them to her fans on her different online media handles.

Here Is What Saheli Chatterjee Worked On To Reach This Level

  1. Growing My Social Presence
  2. Studying Algorithms of Social Platforms
  3. Value-based Content Creation
  4. Selling My Digital Products

Here Are A Few Of Saheli Chatterjee’s Achievements.

  1. Making over 25 Lacs+ in less than 18 months as a Freelancer.
  2. Making over 75 Lacs+ in Revenue in 3 Years just by  Freelancing
  3. Overcoming mental barriers to build my dream life as my Boss.
  4. Coaching 2378+ students to start freelancing in Service-Based Industries
  5. Catching your attention, because I am determined to make you successful – no matter what your income goal is.


  • Her Instagram has 115K+ supporters.
  • Her Instagram id is sahelichatterjeehere.
  • Individuals love to watch her recordings and play around with them by loving, remarking, and sharing her recordings.
  • She has a tremendous audience, and you can perceive how she gives them credit for her development via web-based media by continuously posting new content for them to appreciate.
  • It consumes most of the day to fabricate profound associations with audiences, however, her cordial nature did it rapidly.
  • She continues to post her wonderful pictures on Instagram. She is a Social media powerhouse.
  • She desires to rouse the cutting edge to follow their fantasies and prevail after circulating the web on the well-known application.
  • She is very famous for her Stylish looks. She is out and out a motivation for every one of those that follow her.
  • She has figured out how to place her energy into a fruitful vocation that she cherishes too.
  • Her content is remarkable from the remainder of the Influencers and, that makes her stand apart from the others.
  • She continually posts reels and IGTV recordings to have a hold over her audience.
  • On account of her ubiquity, many laid out brands reach to her for their advancement.
  • She has been recording her numerous open-air trips and travel encounters on the online media stage.


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